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Weir Type Diaphragm Valve

Weir Type Diaphragm Valve

To pack our products, we have ultramodern machines. The packaging materials are nontoxic, sturdy and reliable. The products remain safe and undamaged in our packaging. With the assistance of our excellent logistics facility, we are able to deliver the orders within the postulated time frame.


Salient Features :

  • Meet design specification as per B 16.34 / Flange dimensions as per B16.5.
  • Testing Standard as per BS - EN 12266 - 1 / DIN – EN - 588 – 1
  • Lining Standard as per ASTM F 1545
  • The Weir type top entry Diaphragm valves provide tight shut-off with comparatively low operating force
  • A simple and reliable weir design valve is better throttling flow or block flow at valve fully open it offers a self cleaning design. It is the best choice for dirty, contaminated and powder media. Specifically suited to handle erosive and abrasive application
  • When require to the replacement of the Diaphragm, the bolted bonnet design permits the dismantling of the valve without removing the valve body from the pipe joint.
  • Convection Isolating valve would require expensive exotic materials to resist the effects of sever corrosion.
  • High permeation resistance lining
  • Soft – sealing, gas tight shut – off
  • Vacuum proof anchored
  • Hermetic – Gland less sealing against the valve bonnet
  • The quality and functionally of the diaphragm are crucial for greater Fatigue strength under reversed bending stresses and dimensional stability even after many switching cycles and at fluctuating temperatures
  • Higher density and lower permeability
  • Face to face confirms to BS 6165
  • Travel position indicator gives clear and positive from any angle
  • PTFE Bearing -  Minimizes friction between stem and compressor
  • Exclusive sealing bead design prevents best seal and reducing thermal stresses on the sealing surface
  • cavity free, poke less design ensures unrestricted flow and low pressure drop
  • Floating tube diaphragm Nut design ensures uniform distribution of the stem closing force and the PTFE Diaphragm reducing cold flow


Technical Data :

  • Size Range  -  1”NB to 8”NB
  • Pressure Range  -  0 to 6 Bar
  • Temperature Range  -  60oC to +200oC
  • Vacuum Resistance  -  Full (Vacuum up to 16 Bar)
  • Tightness  -  BS-EN-12266-1
  • Leakage rate  -  D, Test Media -  Gas
  • Leakage Class  -  as per Class VI shut off.
  • Body Material  -  S.G. Iron (NOD CI) / WCB / CF8 / CF8M / CD4MCu + Lined
  • Lining Material  -  FEP / PFA / PVDF / Ceramic / Antistatic PFA Lining
  • Spark Test  -  Thick liner 100% Inspected at 20 KVA

Optional Features :

  • Anti-static PTFE Seat & disc available on request
  • Safety stuffing box design available on request

Applications :

  • Industrial Inorganic Chemicals
  • Industrial Organic Chemicals
  • Plant protective agent production
  • Alkali’s & Chlorine
  • Detergent production
  • Water treatment
  • Bromine Production
  • Sulfur recovery
  • Nitrogenous & Phosphorus Fertilizers
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Preparation
  • Sugar Industries
  • Petroleum Refining